Thursday, 26 February 2015

Live the moment

~Yes it happened, but this is what's happening now and you're missing this~ Mrs Incredible

Does anyone else ever watch a movie or read a book or hear something someone on the street said and think " wow that would make pretty good life advice". I know I do all the time. I was actually thinking about that movie "the Incredibles" and how Mr Incredible is so wrapped up in his "glory days" that he forgets to acknowledge the present and forgets to realise that what he has now in this very moment may be different, may not be as glamorous as before, but is the most beautiful thing that can ever be. 

I think we all forget to appreciate and accept the present because we've either planted unrealistic future visions in our minds, or we are so consumed by the past and the things in our past that we either took for granted at the time or didn't fully appreciate.

In doing this we betray ourselves- things are meant to be as they are. Take the time to look around at the beauty that surrounds you, in nature and in people. Before I left my home city I never really noticed the mountains or the noises, sounds and smells of it. Admire the architecture of raindrops or the glow of the sun or the patterns of a tree. Simple things are the most beautiful. 

My goal for this week is to appreciate. In the end of the movie 'the Incredibles', all the members of the family are able to accept each other as they are in spite of their weaknesses and in consideration of their strengths. I think we should accept ourselves and our world as they are in this moment. 

So before I conclude, here the highlights of my past week;

Nature: the patterns of the world astound me

Friends: I am truly grateful for the people in my life right now

Writing: where else can I store my creativity?

Books: a much needed escape

Food: maybe I'm a gourmand 

Colour: one of the most beautiful things about the world

Peace: some countries are not so fortunate at the moment

Have a good week! Remember to breathe and smile. 

Until next time⭐️

Miss Write


  1. You're so right...sometimes we get so caught up longing for more that we take what we already have for granted. It didn't take me long to realise that I should have appreciated everything while things were still there, but I guess its too late and its the present that matters the most now. Beautiful post as usual ♥

  2. You're reading a thousand splendid suns. What do you think about the book?, I was considering reading it soon. There's also the book kite runner by the same author which sounds amazing. Oh and brilliant post. I'm guilty of neglecting the present. Sometimes I find myself consumed by the memories of the past, or the things I want to do in the future and I forget to live in the now. It's something I want to work on.

  3. Yes I am reading a thousand splendid suns it's a brilliant book you really should read it! I also read the kite runner which was amazing too. And I think we can all work on living in the present, not the past or the future, maybe it's a reflection of my week.
    ~Miss Write

  4. This is so relatable! It's easy to regret the past or worry about the future when today's a gift that's why it's called the present.