Thursday, 5 March 2015

Destructive relationships: when is it time to cut the chords?

~The moment you feel like you have to prove your worth to someone is the moment to absolutely and utterly walk away~  Alysia Harris

You try. They don't. You follow up. They never bother. You chase. They forget. Why? Why do we get caught up with people like this. People who don't care about us, don't inspire us, don't help our positive growth. Why do we continue letting toxic people into our lives and neglecting the ones that have been there from the beginning. Maybe the answer lies in ourselves. We want what we can't have. 
I think I've been down this road too many times. Whether it's chasing after someone who is not really interested or investing too much time and energy into a relationship that is crumbling, the result is the same. Hurt, pain and worry. Where did I go wrong?

I think there are things we can all do to avoid this unhealthy cycle. Welcome into our lives the ones who welcome us wholeheartedly. Spend time with those who wish to spend time with us. We are all human and it hurts to be rejected or ignored. Once I had a friend who I made the centre of my world. It's not that this friend was a bad person, but as I moulded everything around them, I began to neglect everyone who actually mattered and cared. Maybe this is the most important lesson anyone could have taught me. Care about those who care. 

On the other hand, we've all felt a little bit lost somewhere, whether it's a new school, new country or just a class we have no friends in. Perhaps we could take the time to say hi to an unfamiliar face.  When you feel lost simple things can really make your day. Kindness is never wasted no matter how big or small and we can all contribute to the kindness in this world even if we can't control many other things in our lives. 

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  1. This was so true! I know I've personally put all my effort and thoughts into one friend or one group of friends, and when I realise they don't care as much as another, and I'm neglecting everyone else, it's time to set my priorities straight. I love your advice here: Care about those who care.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. I know I think it's something we can all relate to for sure. Thanks M

  2. I'm waiting for the next post !!! ♥