Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The world as we know it

~Like wildflowers, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places they believed you couldn't ~

We live in a dynamic ever changing fast moving world. There is a constant pressure to be on the move doing something, working towards something and above all achieving something. When we get caught up in everything going on around us we forget to take the time to be reflective and calm, we forget to take the time to be simply aware of who we are and what we are feeling without having the need to interfere. 

There is so much beauty in the world around us. Just look into your garden and admire the patterns off leaves of simple gatherings of dewdrops in the morning. These things have always just been there and are always taken for granted, yet we forget that we are very lucky to have nature in our lives. 

My long term goal is, I think, to disconnect from social media and reconnect with the real world around me. I know I get so absorbed in the online world, a place where anyone can manipulate their photos to make their lives look stunning, a place that is in no way a true representation of real life. 

There is also a whole other issue of gratitude in our lives. As human beings we always crave more, no matter what we already have. We can always see someone who has the latest, coolest technology, the most fashionable clothes, the most likes on Instagram, whatever it is we manage to convince ourselves that we are nothing, we have nothing and everyone around us overly lucky and successful. I do this all the time myself. What I am guilty about is how plenty of people have less than I do, yet manage to do more as they appreciate and accept themselves and what they have  just as it is. Right now I can only strive to be like these admirable people. 

I know I've not been here for a while most of that is what this post is about, my goal for this week is to simply be reflective and appreciative of all the wonderful things around me. 

Until next time⭐️

Miss Write


  1. This is beyond beautiful ♥ Thank you for sharing this powerful message. Sometimes as humans, we just get caught in so much superficiality to the extent that it harms. They is so much beautiful around us, next to us, and thats more than enough.

  2. Oh god the whole social media obsession and human greed is the worst thing in the world. I think I have the same goal as you - to disconnect and rediscover the little things, to stop being so busy and just be calm for a while. A mental cleanse is what we all need, to be able to realise our true selves rather than comparing and caring what others think. Social media is just people's highlighted moments and has nothing to do with real life. I love the idea of reflecting on everything, I'm just not sure how.

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